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The process usually takes 8 to 12 months.

Applicants can also enter the America for medical examination, interview and get Permanent Residency (Step Four).

Employment-Based Immigrant Visas


  Extraordinary Ability is the first preference category of Employment-Based Immigration. This project is widely recognized and can qualify a large number of applicants. It does not require education level, language, work category or age. The waiting period for the application is short and the petitioner will get Permanent Residency. Applicants's children can attend in famous American schools.

   This project is for persons with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. Applicants in this category must have extensive documentation showing sustained national or international acclaim and recognition in their fields of expertise. Such applicants do not have to have specific job offers. Professors (including associate senior professors above or science & engineering instructors), patent inventors and owners, scientists or scientific researchers (only theoretical researchers), artists, musicians, actors, successors of Chinese traditional folk art, top athletes and excellent coaches and more. The only exception are lawyers.


   Petitioners must meet 3 of 10 criteria below or provide evidence of a significant achievement (i.e., Pulitzer, Oscar, Olympic Medal)

· Awards at the provincial level or above;

·  A member of professional academic teams or professional associations;

· Were interviewed as a subject matter expert by major or professional media;

·  Were judges of professional titles, important projects or events;

· Provide a major contribution to their field of work, such as innovating of new theories, artistic forms, performance style, artistic theories or successors of Martial Arts;

· Published academic theories, or art, performance skills, artistic forms related articles on international recognized magazines or books;

· Major participants in international performances, art or academic seminars, or related business events;

· Occupy important positions in professional institutions; key members or leaders of academy, art, sport or other professional fields;

· High-income people;

· Other related or similar conditions.

Advantages of the project

·  The most cost-effective U.S. immigration program;

·   No investment risks;

·   Short application period;

·   Get Permanent Resident directly;

·   Spouses and minor unmarried children, younger than 21, may apply immigrant visas with applicants;

·   No residence restrictions;

·   Labor certification approval from the Department of Labor is not required.

Application Process

·   Free evaluation

·   Sign contracts and collect documentary materials

·   Assemble and translate documentary materials

·   American lawyers check and prepare application letters, submit documents

·   Confirmation letter

·   Assist applicants to change citizenship. Applicants can submit applications through the consulate in Guangzhou or directly enter the United States to get Permanent Resident.

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