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Philippines Subsidiaries
      To expand overseas talent project, Better Choice implements localize operated business strategy; it became a major share holder of a manpower recruitment agency, EMC, and training centers, Favourite and Good Hope, in the Philippines. All three agencies have almost 20-year business experience and is in good repute.
Good Hope
Eastgate Manpower Consultants Inc.

   EMC is a manpower recruitment center in the Philippines. Accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to recruit and introduce Filipino workers, EMC has highly-trained and efficient personnel, an extensive network, and online facilities, combined with almost three decades of experience in human resource industry. EMC guarantees its clients of hiring ideal candidates that will be a perfect fit for their requirements.
   Throughout the years, the company has successfully screened applicants in Metro Manila and other parts of the country, which includes Laoag, Isabella, Cebu, and Bicol. It regularly holds government-accredited job fairs and programs in different areas. At present, EMC has already deployed more than 1,500 Filipino workers worldwide.
   Aside from hiring, EMC also assists candidates and facilitates in the acquisition and sourcing of necessary legal documents needed to work abroad to make migration process more seamless.

Favourite Skills Development Phil's Inc.
   Favourite is a TESDA registered training center in the Philippines. It was developed and conceptualized to help maximize the fullest potential of Filipino workers through proper training and development. Supported by Filipino and Chinese expertise, Favourite provides highly-sophisticated, specialized, and state-of-the-art training specific to the needs of various industries in the China market.

   The training center guarantees proper development of trainees to ensure that they are equipped to meet the challenges in their work place. Aside from job specific courses, the training includes basic local language of the employers, basic computer training and familiarization of Chinese culture.
Good Hope Skills System Inc.

   Funded in 2014, Good Hope training center is accredited by Technical Education and Skill Development Authority. To date, Good Hope has successfully trained more than 2,800 Filipinos who are working in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.

   With a passing trainee percentage of 98%, Good Hope is currently one of the most highly-recommended training centers in the Philippines by TESDA, who evaluates trainees after completion of the program.
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